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  • Expert Tutors

    All tutors are well qualified experienced, refined and trained in their respective fields.

  • Personal attention

    One-to-one session ensure that you get 100% attention from our tutors.

  • Customized session plan

    Our each session is well planned to motivate and promote conceptual learning.

  • Regular test & counselling

    All tutors conduct regular counselling test and assignment to enhance the performance of student.

  • Feedback

    Regular feedback for parent on their child's performance.

  • Save time

    Find students in your local area and save time in commutation.

  • Scheduling

    Mark your availability and schedule your class timings that are convenient to you.

  • Training

    Acquire critical communication ,training and teaching skills.

  • Tutorskart Brand

    Build your CV by being associated with the Tutorskart brand. Also, get Tutorskart certified for FREE.

  • Invoicing

    No need to rush for cash. Raise invoices to get paid directly into your bank account.

Why tutorskart?

We all know that every child is different and unique and so are their needs. At Tutorskart, this is the basic fundamental that drives our tutoring methodologies. Personalised and undivided attention is given to the child. A variety of learning strategies are included in our classes to suit the child’s needs. At Tutorskart, we teach individual students according to their abilities, interests, motivations and learning styles. Our teaching offers one-to-one adaptive methods, personalised interactive learning and high-quality tutoring.
Innovation is brought into the teaching style based on how the learner perceives and processes information, and responds to the learning environment. Frequent assessment is done by the tutors to gauge the understanding of the students. Regular interactions with parents are made to ensure the desired outcome. We have excellent and exceptional teachers who are passionate and have an innovative approach to communicate with each child. All our teachers are driven towards a common goal of developing easy learning processes, create better outcomes and contribute towards a child’s performance.
Teachers at Tutorskart guide the students through concepts and problem solving mechanism. This not only helps them to build their academic skills but develops an analytical way to approach at solutions. Self-check questions, exercises and regular feedback is given to the child so that they can evaluate their performances and take corrective action as and when required. Our teaching involves the use of memory, motivation, metacognition and thinking.
A continuous feedback and reporting mechanism is in place which helps the parents to know their child’s performance and understanding of the concepts. It helps students and parents to analyse the areas where the student needs to improve and take corrective measures and actions before the student appears for the academic exams.

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"I have a total experience of 40 plus years in teaching Mathematics at all levels, especially High School and more so at College and University level. My repute as a Lecturer and Principal in paramount and hence it is well known in the city. To keep my passion going, I am starting teaching Mathematics (plus other general school subjects) at the my residence. AC cooled room with both one-on-one and small group sessions are available. Timings start as early as 5:30am and can stretch through the day, till late evening around 8pm. Teaching methods are simple yet with the focus on the student's ability to understand at his/her own pace. Student fees are also not commercial rates as I do it from my residence and do not incorporate overhead/miscellaneous expenses. Hence, nominal fees and as a parent I do understand the parents mindset for just educating with a correct mix of patience, understanding, methodology and time oriented successful results. Child counselling is available as well as both me and my wife have recently retired as Principal's of 2 reputed city Colleges. CONTACT: +91-814-699-1472 and +91-814-645-6699 Email: emailsign06@gmail.com"


Airport Road

Prakash Sastry

"I am a working professional of 58+. I have about 15 years of experience in Finance - Accounting,Audit and related portfolios. I am now IT Head and have all round experience in IT. I have a flair for teaching and tutoring. I have taught Maths and Accounting for CA Intermediate students quite some time back. I have also been giving inhouse training in IT, MS Office and other subjects."


Pimpri Chinchwad

Akshay Bhosale

" i have experinece of 2 years in teachinf maths , science state as well as cbse board from 5th to 10th"

1 days ago


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